What is Eskimo Platform?

Eskimo Platformu

Eskimo is developed for those who want to develop software using Web-based technologies.It is Turkey’s first and only platform for software development which can be used with just a browser, independent of a platform.

Eskimo is a product developed on Oracle database framework. Eskimo provides an opportunity to build sophisticated cloud-based applications, hybrid mobile applications, web services etc easily.

Eskimo is also the main reason why Üç Boyutlu Yazılım has been residing in Teknopark located in Davutpaşa Campus of Yıldız Technical University for 9 years.

Software developers have the opportunity to use more than one software language in developing a software at the same time. (PLSQL, PHP, ASP, ASP Net) In addition to this, the design and management of the database can be handled through the Eskimo system. Each piece of code written with Eskimo is converted into Native C code in the database and stored as a procedure. In this way, the written code can be run faster and become reusable archives.

Furthermore, Eskimo is designed to detect automatically all the dynamic and non-dynamic areas of an interface written in Eskimo's core and perform intelligent caching accordingly. This technology has been supported by Tübitak as a useful model as a technology completely found by Üçboyutlu Yazılım.

The Eskimo product family we developed with the Eskimo infrastructure is as follows:

  • Eskimo Omni Commerce Suite
  • Eskimo PIM - Product Information Management
  • Eskimo Content Management Suite
  • Eskimo Kasa (iKasa)
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