Our Success Stories

Turkcell başarı hikayemiz
We were able to have Turkcell carry out its entire retail operation with Eskimo Kasa in a short period of 8 months. Currently, a total number of 6000 EskimoCash are actively working in more than 1500 shops of 600 corporate bodies scattered all over Turkey.

An average of 100000 sales documents per day are processed over Eskimo Kasa system which works in integrity with all SAP and Turkcell systems in the background.
Philips başarı hikayemiz
We have developed a system with Eskimo for Philips Turkey with which they can enter all their account transactions in detail and get reports of these account transactions afterwards. We also ensured that the cash flow process can be printed according to the correspondence templates with the banks and that the account transaction orders are sent to the banks by e-mail.

The system has been actively used since 2012.
Vodafone başarı hikayemiz
We designed a platform for Vodafone Turkey with which they can control the POS machines in their stores from the Center, form campaign price lists and put them into action in the desired time and carry on product management activities easily. With the collaboration of our Eskimo OCS – Eskimo PIM platforms and NCS, we enabled 20 companies (10 Vodafone, 10 other dealers) start the working procedures.
Camper başarı hikayemiz
We have developed the CRM and Loyalty Program infrastructure for Camper-a well-known Spanish retail company- with the knowledge, experience and vision of the institution.

Not only did we centralize the data from all channels and provide superior features in campaign management, we also ensured that these campaigns were announced at the same time from e-mail to mobile, from SMS to store.

As you can give customer points over sales, it is possible to create an independent discount coupon and gift voucher via EskimoOCS (OmniChannel Commerce Suite).
Rob389 başarı hikayemiz
The details and difficulties in selling books led Amazon to have a very advanced trading system.

The Robinson Crusoe bookstore also contributed greatly to Eskimo's advanced features today with its 325,000 active stock. (120,000 active stock in a large Carrefour store).

In other words, Eskimo is a system that grows as your dreams about reaching the customer gets bigger and bigger.
In other words, Eskimo is a system that grows as your dreams about reaching the customer gets bigger and bigger.
  • We enabled a Turkey-based company which wanted do business online in California to sell furniture in USA and integrate with eBay and Amazon.
  • We assisted a company in using iBeacon technologies, a new generation of technologies.
  • As well as being integrated with logistics companies, we included advanced payment systems in our Eskimo platform and took our place in all sectors where trade flows intensely and rapidly.
  • We enabled our customers to purchase products / services through any channel in any payment method they want in all institutions working with the EskimoOCS platform.

Successful Projects with Business Partners

Philips başarı hikayemiz

Food Retailing - OmniChannel Project

With our OmniChannel Project which we led in collaboration with our client who is one of the leading names in food retailing in the Agean Region, they were able to carry out the sales in all channels, such as store, internet, mobile from one single point.
Telekom Sektörü – OmniChannel Projemiz

Telecommunication Sector – OmniChannel Project

Our Omnichannel and Integration project, which we carried out in collaboration with our client - an active leading figure in telecom operators across Turkey, enabled the execution of all commerce in channels such as internet, mobile, seo or social media from a single point.
Tekstil Mağazacılığı – CepKasa Projemiz

Textile Retailing - Cep Kasa Project

With our customer who is a leading figure in textile industry across Turkey, we designed our project-Cep Kasa- compatible with all regulations including İOS based Mobile Register and special design register furniture with the aim of accelerating in-store shopping.
Cam ve Porselen Mağazacılığı – Mobil Kasa Projemiz

Glass and Porcelain Retailing - Mobile Register Project

Our Mobile Register project, which we carried out in cooperation with our business partner, for a well-known brand in glass and porcelain industry across Turkey.
İlaç Sektörü – ITS/PTS Entegrasyonu

Pharmaceutical Industry - ITS / PTS Integration

In our project, we successfully integrated the Medicine Tracking System, Medicine Delivery System and Package Transfer System for one of the most well-known brands in pharmaceutical industry in collaboration with our business partner.
Kitap Kırtasiye Sektörü – OmniChannel Projemiz

Book / Stationery Industry - OmniChannel Project

We realized our OmniChannel Project of “one-point sales” and process management for our customer who is renowned for their in-store and online sales experience together with our business partner.

Our Happy Customers

  • Bağımsız Denetim Derneği
  • Begel Otomotiv
  • DeFacto
  • Euroflora
  • Exeltis
  • Grant Thornton
  • Hanif Pehlivanoğlu Gıda
  • Herdekora
  • İstanbul Psikanaliz Eğitim, Araştırma ve Geliştirme Derneği
  • İstanbul Taşımacılar Derneği
  • Kabalcı Kitabevi
  • Kürüm Holding
  • Kürüm Sigorta Aracılık Hizmetleri
  • LAV
  • LC Waikiki
  • Navtek Deniz Teknolojileri
  • Robinson Crusoe 389
  • Spor Çantam
  • Tırtılkids Kitabevi
  • Türk Hava Yolları
  • Türk Kadınları Kültür Derneği İstanbul Şubesi
  • Türk Telekom
  • Turkcell
  • Vakko
  • Vodafone
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